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Born from being on the receiving end of one too many bad salads with wilted lettuce and no dressing, Mozzarella Fellas started catering everything from corporate events and staff meetings to small weddings and family events. We offer a catering menu that is able to be completely customized to your needs and dietary restrictions, and love being able to bring all types of people together over a meal perfectly suited to you. Coming from a family filled with with all different types of diets and preferences, we understand how difficult it can be coordinate a food-centered event that makes everyone happy. Providing a solution to that problem has quickly become a prominent focus of our restaurant. Keep reading to learn more about our approach to catering, and to fill out your own customized catering request.

Going far beyond the offerings of our restaurant, our catering options are limitless, and can can be entirely customized to fit the needs of your event. Click below to view a sample catering menu.


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We do! We currently only offer drop off service for weddings and events, so you'll need to find a staff to work your event. However, we are proud to have catered some truly special all-vegan weddings, and hope to do many more.

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We recommend getting in touch a week in advance, however feel free to submit the form above and if we're able to accommodate inside of that week timeframe, we will be happy to do so!

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