Proud Italian. Passionate Vegan.

From a young age, Brian was raised by his grandmother who was the epitome of an old school, tough and loving Italian woman.  She taught him about the experiences she endured living through The Great Depression, rationing food, and the appreciation for home cooked meals. The combination of history, tradition, and family that brought loved ones together over the dinner table every night was forever ingrained in Brian's life, and this lifelong view of food as powerful experience is what Brian has based his restaurant on since day one.


In addition to a unique perspective on shared meals, Brian also is a passionate vegan and animal lover - since opening Mozzarella Fellas, he has worked to create a menu that allows even the most limited of diners to enjoy food that they never thought they would be able to eat again. The restaurant's current menu is a reflection of his past, and is put together from a selection of Brian's favorite childhood dishes, with a creative vegan twist. 

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All of the dishes on the Mozzarella Fellas menu are named after songs by The National, Brian's favorite band.

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When it originally opened, Mozzarella Fellas was mostly a pizza joint know for hand-making their own mozzarella.

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Brian's best friend is his eight year old husky, named Sinatra. When not at work, he and Sinatra are walking trails together.

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Brian has been vegan since 2015. He officially made the switch while working a food festival in Woodstock, New York with his aunt who also owns a plant based restaurant. 

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Brian loves to play hockey, and is a part of multiple leagues in Winston-Salem and Greensboro.

Brian grew up in New York, in an Italian-American family where meals and the experience of sharing food around a table with loved ones made up the most special memories. After moving down south, Brian started his journey into restaurants as a dishwasher at a popular local pizza chain. From there, he quickly worked his way up to managing their multiple locations, and knew that he wanted to start working towards creating his very own restaurant. Shortly after, Mozzarella Fellas was born, and has since become a staple in the community due to the creative Italian dishes and vegan options that Brian is most passionate about.

In addition to being a great lover of food, Brian has also been a passionate vegan for the last five years. His love for animals and care for their welfare and the mindful treatment of the planet inform so many decisions made at Mozzarella Fellas.

Dominick (Brian) Ricciardi,

Brian always knew that he wanted to own a restaurant, even as a small child. He spent his time imagining menu items and restaurant ideas, and the years of nurturing that passion and creativity is what led him to eventually open Mozzarella Fellas. Every dish that comes out of the kitchen is a result of Brian's passion, creativity, and extreme attention to detail. When you order any dish on the menu, it comes with decades of dreaming, planning, and heart behind it.


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Growing up Brian's grandmother made home cooked meals six nights a week. The other night of the week was usually a pizza from Lucy's or chinese take-out. He decided early on his dream was to become a restaurant owner. The nightly routine of gathering around the table was something that had to be a part of his professional future. He took these roots and created the base of his brand, and then added his own vegan beliefs. 

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Eating vegan doesn't have to mean nothing but salads and soy meat. Mozzarella Fellas has always taken great pride in serving food that is freshly made and truly nourishes your body and the planet. Everything about the restaurant is geared towards high quality, but while keeping it completely real. 

Real People. Real Food. Real Delicious.

At Mozzarella Fellas, we're about connection not only with our customers and community, but within our kitchen. Our staff is a part of one big family, all united by a strong love for creating amazing meals and experiences for people.

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